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Whatever became of hong kong’s occupy movement three years ago thousands of people, most of them young, staged 79 remarkable days of. Student leaders of the pro-reform protests in hong kong have come up with an ultimatum to the city’s chief, saying if he doesn’t step down they’ll start. The protest was actually a result of a long battle for democracy when the british handed hong kong back over to china in 1997, the chinese government promised both.

Answer 1 of 363: god bless hong kong after today, we will never be the same again my heart is aching from the events of today hope everyone keep safe. Hong kong—now that the pro-democracy protest encampment in the center of asia’s financial capital has been cleared (minus, perhaps, some stray glitter), many are. Hong kong hardcore meeting the protesters who held out out until the very end leung: end protest immediately 30 september 2014 from the section asia.

Hong kong would seem to be in the streets again, with a demonstration sunday against beijing’s intervention into hong kong legislature which saw over. Hong kong-- crowds of protesters who filled hong kong's streets with demands for more democracy thinned dramatically tuesday. A judge in hong kong sentenced three leaders of the 2014 pro-democracy protests all three avoided jail time a judge sentenced two of the three to community service. A total of nine hong kong activists, including members of political groups demosisto and the league of social democrats, were rounded up on thursday morning for their. Map showing the main protest site in hong kong, where bailiffs have started dismantling barricades (afp.

Riot police advanced on tens of thousands of protesters in hong kong's admiralty district on sunday, and the stand-off continued monday morning, in the territory's. Ricky wong, the chairman of hktv, became a popular figure in hong kong due to his production of high-quality television shows (tyrone siu/reuters. The hong kong bar association criticizes a court ruling that effectively gives beijing veto power over candidates it doesn't like. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters will rally on hong kong's streets sunday for the first time since mass demonstrations shut down parts of the city for more than.

Hong kong streets are packed with thousands of demonstrators bracing for the possibility of a police crackdown. Hong kong’s pro-democracy protest movement has attracted a diverse crowd on the streets and online, but its organizers may be pleased to learn that they. A commentary in the official newspaper of the chinese communist party on saturday accused the us of trying to foment a “color revolution” in hong kong the.

  • Hong kong — police in hong kong stopped about 20 pro-democracy protesters from getting near a flag-raising ceremony sunday marking the anniversary of the citys.
  • Hong kong's main democracy groups called off planned talks with the territory's government after several hundred is one of three main protest areas,.
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6 thoughts on “ activism – lantau incinerator protest ” pingback: politics - revealed: cy leung met tony blair in secretive june meeting | hong wrong hong kong. Hong kong pro-democracy leaders released on bail october 24, 2017 • joshua wong and nathan law, who led the 2014 occupy central protests against beijing's. Angry protesters marched through hong kong monday against what they described as suppression by beijing, days after chinese authorities ruled that part of. Billy chiu first gained public attention in hong kong when he waved the british colonial flag at protests three years ago.

hong kong protest Hong kong — on a holiday meant to celebrate the birth of china’s communist republic, hong kong residents instead swarmed the streets wednesday to protest beijing.
Hong kong protest
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